Shades of Wyldemor

Shades of Wyldemor
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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tea and Me

Brewing a pot of tea is like a ritual for me. In the afternoon when it is time to take a break from sketching new patterns or sewing I can sit back and savor a cup. Top shelf over the stove is my tea cupboard ... Earl Grey, Orange, Chamomile, maybe English Breakfast?....I tend to have my favorite often...Mint with honey. The sound of my tea kettle whistling is somehow comforting to me...the whistle reminds me its time for a break to stretch my legs...or on a nice day to walk along my garden. Today my cup of tea is a perfect moment to be thankful that I am toasty warm! As I peek outside the wind gusts and snow seem to be tossing the poor birds around. Whistling tea kettles must be a simple reminder of my home, as two of my sons asked for tea kettles that whistle when they got married...Tea in a china cup is a mug comforting...It warms the heart as well as takes the chill off an Winter afternoon.

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