Shades of Wyldemor

Shades of Wyldemor
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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Creamy Silk Cuffs

Gorgeous ivory silk and soft white lace each are fashioned into slip on cuffs....what a great idea to glam up your simple sweater or add a soft touch of elegance to a jacket. Take a peek at my store and you can find them as well as a few more styles....They remind me of the softness yet sophistication I find in the fashions from the thirties and forties! When my son got married this past summer I looked at dresses at stores, but I just kept getting drawn back to the designs reminiscent from years ago. I adore historic prints, patterns and vintage! I am starting to feel totally inspired to sew again after taking a break over the holidays,hmmmmmmmmmm...thinking of something in red!

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